Libero Search New Items List of search items. // en-us LIBERO, Pty Ltd. Fri, 28 Jan 2022 19:11:27 GMT 5 Breathe. // Shelf: MAG<br />Author: Lovatts Media<br />Year: <br /> Outback. // Shelf: MAG<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> Paris detective. James Patterson, Richard DiLallo ; read by . // Shelf: AB PAT<br />Author: Patterson, James, 1947-<br />Year: 2022<br /> Araluen. Judy Nunn ; read by John Derum. // Shelf: AB NUN<br />Author: Nunn, Judy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Pilgrim. Ray Hogan. // Shelf: LP HOG<br />Author: Hogan, Ray, 1908-1998<br />Year: 2021<br /> Eleven Pipers Piping. // Shelf: LP HAR<br />Author: Hart, Pamela<br />Year: <br /> Treasure andamp; dirt. Chris Hammer. // Shelf: LP HAM<br />Author: Hammer, Chris, 1960-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Tea Ladies of St. Judeand#39;s Hospital. Joanna Nell. // Shelf: LP NEL<br />Author: Nell, Joanna<br />Year: 2021<br /> Echoes of War. Tania Blanchard. // Shelf: LP BLA<br />Author: Blanchard, Tania<br />Year: 2021<br /> My Daughterand#39;s Wedding. Gretel Killeen. // Shelf: LP KIL<br />Author: Killeen, Gretel<br />Year: 2021<br /> Wellbeing. // Shelf: MAG<br />Author: UNIVERSAL WELLBEING P L<br />Year: <br /> Billie Eilish, the unofficial biography : from e-girl to icon. Adrian Besley. // Shelf: 782.421 BES<br />Author: Besley, Adrian<br />Year: 2021<br /> Beautiful world, where are you. Sally Rooney. // Shelf: PBFIC ROO<br />Author: Rooney, Sally<br />Year: 2021<br /> Bilaand#39;s big dance. written and illustrated by Rebbeca Chapman. // Shelf: PIC CHA<br />Author: Chapman, Rebbeca<br />Year: 2020<br /> Grandfather Emu, and how the Kangaroo got her pouch. Rhonda Collard-Spratt and Jacki Ferro. // Shelf: PIC COL<br />Author: Collard-Spratt, Rhonda<br />Year: 2021<br /> Choosing to Live, Choosing to Die : A Memoir of My Husband. Carolyne Lee. // Shelf: 362.196 LEE<br />Author: Lee, Carolyne, 1953-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Australia tomorrow. edited by Jake Thrupp. // Shelf: 320.520 AUD<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Gum : the story of eucalypts andamp; their champions. Ashley Hay. // Shelf: 583.766 HAY<br />Author: Hay, Ashley, 1971-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Country : future fire, future farming. Bill Gammage andamp; Bruce Pascoe ; [introduction by Margot Neale]. // Shelf: 338.109 GAM<br />Author: Gammage, Bill<br />Year: 2021<br /> It wasnand#39;t meant to be like this. Lisa Wilkinson. // Shelf: 070.92 WIL<br />Author: Wilkinson, Lisa<br />Year: 2021<br /> Banksia House breakout. James Roxburgh. // Shelf: PBFIC ROX<br />Author: Roxburgh, James,<br />Year: 2021<br /> The God is not willing. Steven Erikson ; maps by Neil Gower. // Shelf: PBFIC ERI<br />Author: Erikson, Steven<br />Year: 2021<br /> The New baby. Yvette Poshoglian ; illustrated by Danielle McDonald. // Shelf: JE POS<br />Author: Poshoglian, Yvette<br />Year: 2022<br /> The Younger wife. Sally Hepworth. // Shelf: PBFIC HEP<br />Author: Hepworth, Sally<br />Year: 2021<br /> A Valley secret. Anna Jacobs. // Shelf: FIC JAC<br />Author: Jacobs, Anna<br />Year: 2021<br /> This day. Blanka Lipińska ; translated by Filip Sporczyk. // Shelf: PBFIC LIP<br />Author: Lipińska, Blanka<br />Year: 2021<br /> Angeland#39;s Peak. Robyn Carr. // Shelf: PBFIC CAR<br />Author: Carr, Robyn<br />Year: 2021<br /> Last night at the Telegraph Club. Malinda Lo. // Shelf: PBFIC LO<br />Author: Lo, Malinda<br />Year: 2021<br /> Hell of a book ; or the altogether factual, wholly bona fide story of a big dreams, hard luck, American-made mad kid. Jason Mott. // Shelf: PBFIC MOT<br />Author: Mott, Jason<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Vacation. Marrs, John. // Shelf: PBFIC MAR<br />Author: Marrs, John<br />Year: 2022<br /> The Kitchen front. Jennifer Ryan. // Shelf: PBFIC RYA<br />Author: Ryan, Jennifer<br />Year: 2022<br /> Entombed : six men buried alive for six years : inspired by a true story. Tony Matthews. // Shelf: PBFIC MAT<br />Author: Matthews, Tony, 1949-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Book of magic. Alice Hoffman. // Shelf: PBFIC HOF<br />Author: Hoffman, Alice<br />Year: 2021<br /> Invisible. Danielle Steel. // Shelf: PBFIC STE<br />Author: Steel, Danielle<br />Year: 2022<br /> The Challenger. Taran Matharu. // Shelf: YA MAT<br />Author: Matharu, Taran<br />Year: 2020<br /> Never. Ken Follett. // Shelf: PBFIC FOL<br />Author: Follett, Ken<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Secrets of Bridgewater Bay. Julie Brooks. // Shelf: PBFIC BRO<br />Author: Brooks, Julie<br />Year: 2021<br /> A Virgin River Christmas. Robyn Carr. // Shelf: PBFIC CAR<br />Author: Carr, Robyn<br />Year: 2021<br /> Snow falling. Jane Gloriana Villanueva. // Shelf: PBFIC VIL<br />Author: Villanueva, Jane Gloriana<br />Year: 2017<br /> It ends with us. Colleen Hoover. // Shelf: PBFIC HOO<br />Author: Hoover, Colleen<br />Year: 2016<br /> 365 days. Blanka Lipinska. // Shelf: PBFIC LIP<br />Author: Lipińska, Blanka<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Fast 800 Keto : Eat well, burn fat, manage your weight long term. Mosley, Michael. // Shelf: 613.25 MOS<br />Author: Mosley, Michael<br />Year: 2022<br /> The Chosen. Taran Matharu. // Shelf: YA MAT<br />Author: Matharu, Taran<br />Year: 2019<br /> Maybe weand#39;re electric. Val Emmich. // Shelf: YA EMM<br />Author: Emmich, Val<br />Year: 2021<br /> LEGO Harry Potter : a magical search and find book. // Shelf: JFIC LEG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Your school is the best!. // Shelf: PIC HUT<br />Author: Hutchings, Maggie<br />Year: 2022<br /> What is love? by Mac Barnett ; illustrated by Carson Ellis. // Shelf: PIC BAR<br />Author: Barnett, Mac<br />Year: 2021<br /> One of us is lying. Karen M. McManus. // Shelf: YA McM<br />Author: McManus, Karen M.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Spells trouble. P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast. // Shelf: YA CAS<br />Author: Cast, P. C.<br />Year: 2021<br /> If the shoe fits. Julie Murphy . // Shelf: YA MUR<br />Author: Murphy, Julie<br />Year: 2022<br /> The Last checkmate : a novel. Gabriella Saab. // Shelf: PBFIC SAA<br />Author: Saab, Gabriella<br />Year: 2021<br /> Canticle Creek. Adrian Hyland. // Shelf: PBFIC HYL<br />Author: Hyland, Adrian<br />Year: 2021<br /> A Very special Christmas. Anna Jacobs. // Shelf: PBFIC JAC<br />Author: Jacobs, Anna<br />Year: 2021<br /> Brimstone : a Mantra 6 thriller. Russel Hutchings. // Shelf: PBFIC HUT<br />Author: Hutchings, Russel<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Becoming. Nora Roberts. // Shelf: PBFIC ROB<br />Author: Roberts, Nora<br />Year: 2021<br /> We were never here. Andrea Bartz. // Shelf: PBFIC BAR<br />Author: Bartz, Andrea<br />Year: 2021<br /> Never touch the wild animals. written by Rosie Greening ; illustrated by Stuart Lynch. // Shelf: PIC GRE<br />Author: Greening, Rosie<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Wild guide to starting school. Laura + Philip Bunting. // Shelf: PIC BUN<br />Author: Bunting, Laura<br />Year: 2022<br /> Money doesnand#39;t grow on trees. Heath McKenzie. // Shelf: PIC McK<br />Author: McKenzie, Heath<br />Year: 2021<br /> Drover. Neridah McMullin ; Sarah Anthony. // Shelf: PIC McM<br />Author: McMullin, Neridah<br />Year: 2021<br /> Bluey : Camping. // Shelf: PIC BLU<br />Author: Bluey<br />Year: 2021<br /> Advance Australia Fair. Peter Dodds McCormick. // Shelf: PIC McC<br />Author: McCormick, Peter Dodds<br />Year: 2022<br /> Splash! Meredith Costain, Danielle McDonald. // Shelf: JE COS<br />Author: Costain, Meredith<br />Year: 2022<br /> Birthday surprise. Rebecca McRitchie ; Danielle McDonald (Illustrator). // Shelf: JE McR<br />Author: McRitchie, Rebecca<br />Year: 2021<br /> Tooth trouble. Rebecca McRitchie, Danielle McDonald. // Shelf: JE McR<br />Author: McRitchie, Rebecca<br />Year: 2021<br /> Horses. Amy Culliford. // Shelf: JE CUL<br />Author: Culliford, Amy, 1992-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Cows. Amy Culliford. // Shelf: JE CUL<br />Author: Culliford, Amy, 1992-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Goats. Amy Culliford. // Shelf: JE CUL<br />Author: Culliford, Amy, 1992-<br />Year: 2021<br /> A New Knight. Sam Kerr and Fiona Harris ; illustrated by Aki Fukuoka. // Shelf: JFIC KER<br />Author: Kerr, Sam<br />Year: 2021<br /> Pokémon Johto region: Ash Ketchum, Pokémon detective : Kanto region: I choose you! adapted by Tracey West. // Shelf: JFIC WES<br />Author: West, Tracey, 1965-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Pokemon : Sinnoh Region. adapted by Helena Mayer. Ancient Pokemon attack. adapted by Maria S. Barbo. The power of three. // Shelf: JFIC MAY<br />Author: Mayer, Helena<br />Year: 2021<br /> Pokémon Galar Region gigantamax clash. adapted by R. Shapiro ; Pokémon Alola Region battle for the z-ring. adapted by Jeanette Lane. // Shelf: JFIC SHA<br />Author: Shapiro, R.<br />Year: 2021<br /> To the rescue. Jess Black, Serena Geddes. // Shelf: JFIC BLA<br />Author: Black, Jess<br />Year: 2022<br /> The Legend of the Maze. Thea Stilton ; illustrations by Giuseppe Facciotto [and 4 others] ; translated by Andrea Schaffer. // Shelf: JFIC STI<br />Author: Stilton, Thea<br />Year: 2021<br /> Camp Cretaceous. The Deluxe novel. adapted by Steve Behling ; cover illustrated by Patrick Spaziante. Volume two : // Shelf: JFIC BEH<br />Author: Behling, Steve<br />Year: 2021<br /> City of the dead. James Patterson andamp; Mindy McGinnis. // Shelf: YA PAT<br />Author: Patterson, James, 1947-<br />Year: 2021<br /> All these bodies. Kendare Blake. // Shelf: YA BLA<br />Author: Blake, Kendare<br />Year: 2021<br /> PAW Patrol : the Movie. // Shelf: JDVD PAW<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Dogtanian and the three Muskehounds. Original title: // Shelf: JDVD DOG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Ainbo : Amazon Princess. Original title: // Shelf: JDVD AIN<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Cleopatra (2 Disc) // Shelf: DVD CLE<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> The Last witch hunter. directed by Breck Eisner. // Shelf: DVD LAS<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> The Art of crochet : : getting started. // Shelf: DVD ART<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> Oklahoma! // Shelf: DVD OKL<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> The Timber truss bridge book. edited by Lenore Coltheart with Amie Nicholas. // Shelf: 624.209 COL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2019<br /> NSW National Parks. NSW National Parks andamp; Wildlife Service, Office of Environment andamp; Heritage. // Shelf: 333.782 NSW<br />Author: New South Wales. National Parks and Wildlife Service, issuing body<br />Year: 2017<br /> You again. // Shelf: DVD YOU<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> Australian Geographic // Shelf: MAG<br />Author: <br />Year: 1986<br /> Menand#39;s health: Australian // Shelf: MAG<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> Jailbreak. Brent Langley ; illustrated by Cath Chegwidden. // Shelf: JFIC LAN<br />Author: Langley, Brent<br />Year: 2020<br /> Endurance : stories of Australians in wartime captivity. written by Karin Huckstepp and Joanna Taplin. // Shelf: J 940.5481 HUC<br />Author: Huckstepp, Karin<br />Year: 2021<br /> Shifting tides : Australia and the Pacific in the Second World War. // Shelf: J 940.5394 SHI<br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Devotion. Hannah Kent ; read by Emily Wheaton. // Shelf: AB KEN<br />Author: Kent, Hannah, 1985-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Jealousy man. Jo Nesbø ; read by Sean Barrett, Sara Novak, Rich Keeble and Dominic Thorburn. // Shelf: AB NES<br />Author: Nesbø, Jo, 1960-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Itand#39;s better this way : a novel. Debbie Macomber. // Shelf: LP MAC<br />Author: Macomber, Debbie<br />Year: 2021<br /> Velvet was the night. Silvia Moreno-Garcia. // Shelf: LP MOR<br />Author: Moreno-Garcia, Silvia<br />Year: 2020<br /> In the country of others. Leila Slimani. // Shelf: LP SLI<br />Author: Slimani, Leila, 1981-<br />Year: 2020<br /> The Turnout : a novel. Megan Abbott. // Shelf: LP ABB<br />Author: Abbott, Megan E., 1971-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Heathens. Ace Atkins. // Shelf: LP ATK<br />Author: Atkins, Ace<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Guide. Peter Heller. // Shelf: LP HEL<br />Author: Heller, Peter, 1959-<br />Year: 2020<br /> Rider of the Rifle Rock. Bennett Foster. // Shelf: LP FOS<br />Author: Foster, Bennett<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Ranger : a novel based on the life of Texas Ranger Sergeant J. S. Turnbo. James J. Griffin. // Shelf: LP GRI<br />Author: Griffin, James J., 1949-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Morgans. William W. Johnstone, J. A. Johnstone. // Shelf: LP JOH<br />Author: Johnstone, William W.<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Ghost rifle : a novel of Americaand#39;s last frontier. Max McCoy. // Shelf: LP McC<br />Author: McCoy, Max<br />Year: 2021<br /> No mercy. Jack Curtis. // Shelf: LP CUR<br />Author: Curtis, Jack, 1922-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Six-gun stampede. Jackson Cole. // Shelf: LP COL<br />Author: Cole, Jackson<br />Year: 2021<br /> Broken spur. D. B. Newton. // Shelf: LP NEW<br />Author: Newton, D. B. 1916-2013<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Angry town of Pawnee Bluffs. Lewis B. Patten. // Shelf: LP PAT<br />Author: Patten, Lewis B.<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Forty-niners. Charlie Steel. // Shelf: LP STE<br />Author: Steel, Charlie<br />Year: 2021<br /> Trouble in Peaceful Valley. Barry Cord. // Shelf: LP COR<br />Author: Cord, Barry, 1913-1983<br />Year: 2021<br /> The First scientists. Corey Tutt ; illustrations by Blak Douglas. // Shelf: J 509.940 TUT<br />Author: Tutt, Corey<br />Year: 2021<br /> self/less. AViVA. // Shelf: YA AVI<br />Author: Aviva<br />Year: 2021<br /> Lakesedge. Lyndall Clipstone. // Shelf: YA CLI<br />Author: Clipstone, Lyndall<br />Year: 2021<br /> Wild abandon. Emily Bitto. // Shelf: PBFIC BIT<br />Author: Bitto, Emily<br />Year: 2021<br /> On a night like this. Lindsey Kelk. // Shelf: PBFIC KEL<br />Author: Kelk, Lindsey<br />Year: 2021<br /> Find your light : learning to accept and embrace yourself. Olivia Molly Rogers. // Shelf: 158.1 ROG<br />Author: Rogers, Olivia Molly<br />Year: 2021<br /> LEGO everything is awesome : a search-and-find celebration of LEGO history. written by Simon Beecroft ; illustrated by AMEET Studio. // Shelf: J 793.73 BEE<br />Author: Beecroft, Simon<br />Year: 2021<br /> Peppaand#39;s Christmas unicorn. adapted by Lauren Holowaty. // Shelf: PIC PEP<br />Author: Holowaty, Lauren<br />Year: 2021<br /> Hugless Douglas Goes Camping. Melling, David. // Shelf: PIC MEL<br />Author: Melling, David<br />Year: 2021<br /> Peppa goes to Ireland. adapted by Lauren Holowaty. // Shelf: PIC PEP<br />Author: Holowaty, Lauren<br />Year: 2021<br /> Spot visits his grandparents. Eric Hill. // Shelf: PIC HIL<br />Author: Hill, Eric, 1927-2014<br />Year: 2021<br /> Peppaand#39;s best sleepover. adapted by Lauren Holowaty. // Shelf: PIC PEP<br />Author: Holowaty, Lauren<br />Year: 2021<br /> Hop aboard! : babyand#39;s first vehicles. Elliot Kruszynski. // Shelf: PIC KRU<br />Author: Kruszynski, Elliot<br />Year: 2021<br /> Iand#39;m hungry! Rod Campbell. // Shelf: PIC CAM<br />Author: Campbell, Rod, 1945-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Karrkin = My body. written by Maureen Yanawana. // Shelf: PIC YAN<br />Author: Yanawana, Maureen<br />Year: 2021<br /> Feelings and Me. by Julie Dini. // Shelf: PIC DIN<br />Author: Dini, Julie<br />Year: 2020<br /> Leoand#39;s monster. Marcus Pfister. // Shelf: PIC PFI<br />Author: Pfister, Marcus<br />Year: 2020<br /> Jumping joeys : marsupials of Australia. Sarah Allen. // Shelf: PIC ALL<br />Author: Allen, Sarah<br />Year: 2021<br /> Mr. Men Little Miss in Australia. Roger Hargreaves. // Shelf: PIC HAR<br />Author: Hargreaves, Roger, 1935-1988.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Common wealth. Gregg Dreise. // Shelf: J821.4 DRE<br />Author: Dreise, Gregg<br />Year: 2021<br /> Thereand#39;s only one grandpa like you. Jess Racklyeft. // Shelf: PIC RAC<br />Author: Racklyeft, Jess<br />Year: 2021<br /> Little One. Jane Godwin andamp; [illustrations by] Gabriel Evans. // Shelf: PIC GOD<br />Author: Godwin, Jane, 1964-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Boy and the elephant. Freya Blackwood. // Shelf: PIC BLA<br />Author: Blackwood, Freya<br />Year: 2021<br /> Babies at the Billabong. Maura Finn andamp; Cate James. // Shelf: PIC FIN<br />Author: Finn, Maura, 1974-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Read this book and never fart again. Tim Miller + Matt Stanton. // Shelf: PIC MIL<br />Author: Miller, Tim<br />Year: 2021<br /> Green Is for Christmas. Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers. // Shelf: PIC DAY<br />Author: Daywalt, Drew<br />Year: 2021<br /> Bedtime sorted! Jimmy Rees ; art by Briony Stewart. // Shelf: PIC REE<br />Author: Rees, Jimmy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Once upon a silent night. Dawn Casey ; illustrated by Katie Hickey. // Shelf: PIC CAS<br />Author: Casey, Dawn, 1975-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Llamas in pyjamas. // Shelf: PIC COS<br />Author: Cosgrove, Matt<br />Year: 26<br /> The Dinos on the bus. written by Peter Millett ; illustrated by Tony Neal. // Shelf: PIC MAT<br />Author: Millett, Peter<br />Year: 2021<br /> Little Bilbyand#39;s Aussie bush Christmas. Yvonne Mes andamp; Jody Pratt. // Shelf: PIC MES<br />Author: Mes, Yvonne<br />Year: 2021<br /> Goodnight, toes. Justine Adams ; illustrated by Camille Manley. // Shelf: PIC ADA<br />Author: Adams, Justine<br />Year: 2021<br /> A stick and a stone. written by Sarina Dickson ; illustrated by Hilary Jean Tapper. // Shelf: PIC DIC<br />Author: Dickson, Sarina, 1975-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Curiosities. Zana Fraillon and Phil Lesnie. // Shelf: PIC FRA<br />Author: Fraillon, Zana<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Boy who made things up. Margaret Mahy ; illustrator Lily Emo. // Shelf: PIC MAH<br />Author: Mahy, Margaret<br />Year: 2021<br /> Ten Little Unicorns. Mike Brownlow ; illustrated by Simon Rickerty. // Shelf: PIC BRO<br />Author: Brownlow, Mike<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Stone Demon. Karen Mahoney // Shelf: YA MAH<br />Author: Mahoney, Karen<br />Year: 2013<br /> Seniorand#39;s Stories. Volume 7. // Shelf: 994.41 SEN/7<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> These hollow vows. Lexi Ryan. // Shelf: YA RYA<br />Author: Ryan, Lexi<br />Year: 2021<br /> Christmas sparkle collection : six stories in one. by Daisy Meadows. // Shelf: JE MEA<br />Author: Meadows, Daisy<br />Year: 2021<br /> Dark rise. C. S. Pacat. // Shelf: YA PAC<br />Author: Pacat, C. S.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Think like an elf. Lauren Child. // Shelf: JFIC CHI<br />Author: Child, Lauren<br />Year: 2021<br /> Legends unite. Anh Do ; illustrations by Chris Wahl. // Shelf: JFIC DO<br />Author: Do, Anh<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Aurelia curse. written and illustrated by Cornelia Funke. // Shelf: JFIC FUN<br />Author: Funke, Cornelia, 1958-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Animal train. Anh Do ; illustrations by Lachlan Creagh. // Shelf: JFIC DO<br />Author: Do, Anh<br />Year: 2021<br /> Eggplants and dinosaurs. Andrew Levins ; illustrated by Katie Kear. // Shelf: JE LEV<br />Author: Levins, Andrew<br />Year: 2021<br /> Tales from deep below : a turtleful of stories. by young Australian writers ; with a poem by Amelia Mellor. // Shelf: JFIC TAL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Terciel and Elinor. Garth Nix. // Shelf: YA NIX<br />Author: Nix, Garth, 1963-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Weirdest wish. by Calliope Glass ; illustrated by Hollie Mengert. // Shelf: JE GLA<br />Author: Glass, Calliope<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Astonishing chronicles of Oscar from Elsewhere. Jaclyn Moriarty ; illustrations by Kelly Canby. // Shelf: JFIC MOR<br />Author: Moriarty, Jaclyn<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Monster of her age. Danielle Binks. // Shelf: YA BIN<br />Author: Binks, Danielle<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Champion. Taran Matharu. // Shelf: YA MAT<br />Author: Matharu, Taran<br />Year: 2021<br /> Seven Wherewithal Way. Samantha-Ellen Bound. // Shelf: JFIC BOU<br />Author: Bound, Samantha-Ellen<br />Year: 2021<br /> Gangsta granny strikes again. David Walliams ; illustrated by Tony Ross. // Shelf: JFIC WAL<br />Author: Walliams, David, 1971-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Brave. (disney-pixar: classic collection #34). // Shelf: JFIC BRA<br />Author: Disney<br />Year: 2021<br /> State of terror . Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny. // Shelf: PBFIC CLI<br />Author: Clinton, Hillary Rodham<br />Year: 2021<br /> Devotion. Hannah Kent. // Shelf: PBFIC KEN<br />Author: Kent, Hannah, 1985-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Midnight lock. Jeffery Deaver. // Shelf: PBFIC DEA<br />Author: Deaver, Jeffery<br />Year: 2021<br /> Wish you were here. Jodi Picoult. // Shelf: PBFIC PIC<br />Author: Picoult, Jodi, 1966-<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Island of missing trees. Elif Shafak. // Shelf: PBFIC SHA<br />Author: Shafak, Elif, 1971-<br />Year: 2021<br /> A Memory for murder. Anne Holt ; translated from the Norwegian by Anne Bruce. // Shelf: PBFIC HOL<br />Author: Holt, Anne, 1958-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Best crime stories of the year. Number 1. edited by Lee Child ; foreword by Otto Penzler ; introduction by Lee Child. // Shelf: PBFIC BES<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> The Inheritance. JoAnn Ross. // Shelf: PBFIC ROS<br />Author: Ross, Joann<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Prodigal sister. Darry Fraser. // Shelf: PBFIC FRA<br />Author: Fraser, Darry<br />Year: 2021<br /> Road to Rosalee. Mandy Magro. // Shelf: PBFIC MAG<br />Author: Magro, Mandy<br />Year: 2021<br /> To the Sea. Crutchley, Nikki. // Shelf: PBFIC CRU<br />Author: Crutchley, Nikki<br />Year: <br /> Judas 62. Cumming, Charles. // Shelf: PBFIC CUM<br />Author: Cumming, Charles<br />Year: <br /> Flying Angels. Danielle Steel. // Shelf: PBFIC STE<br />Author: Steel, Danielle<br />Year: 2021<br /> Better Homes and Gardens // Shelf: MAG<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> The Wiggles. The best of The Wiggles. // Shelf: JDVD WIG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2018<br /> The Wiggles : greatest hits. Weand#39;re all fruit salad. // Shelf: JDVD WIG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Daughters Of The Resistance. Kortchik, Lana. // Shelf: PBFIC KOR<br />Author: Kortchik, Lana<br />Year: <br /> Unforgiven. Sarah Barrie. // Shelf: PBFIC BAR<br />Author: Barrie, Sarah<br />Year: 2021<br /> Fancy Meeting You Here. Kalus, Michelle. // Shelf: PBFIC KAL<br />Author: Kalus, Michelle<br />Year: 2021<br /> Once burnt, twice shy. Karly Lane. // Shelf: PBFIC LAN<br />Author: Lane, Karly<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Long weekend. Fiona Palmer. // Shelf: PBFIC PAL<br />Author: Palmer, Fiona<br />Year: 2021<br /> Youand#39;re doing it wrong : a history of bad andamp; bonkers advice to women. Kaz Cooke. // Shelf: 305.4 COO<br />Author: Cooke, Kaz, 1962-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Scary monsters. Michelle De Kretser. // Shelf: PBFIC DeK<br />Author: De Kretser, Michelle<br />Year: 2021<br /> Muddy people : a memoir. Sara El Sayed. // Shelf: 305.486 ELS<br />Author: El Sayed, Sara<br />Year: 2021<br /> My adventurous life. Dick Smith. // Shelf: 338.092 SMI<br />Author: Smith, Dick<br />Year: 2021<br /> Currowan : the story of a fire and a community during Australiaand#39;s worst summer. Bronwyn Adcock ; maps by Adam Laver. // Shelf: 363.379 ADC<br />Author: Adcock, Bronwyn<br />Year: 2021<br /> Pups alone. // Shelf: DVD PUP<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> The Glorias. // Shelf: DVD GLO<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> High ground. // Shelf: DVD HIG<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> How to be a good wife. // Shelf: DVD HOW<br />Author: <br />Year: 2020<br /> Wild mountain thyme. // Shelf: DVD WIL<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Thomas andamp; friends. Animal adventures. // Shelf: JDVD THO<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Panda vs. Aliens. // Shelf: JDVD PAN<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> The Wiggles: Wiggles World. The Wiggles. // Shelf: JDVD WIG<br />Author: <br />Year: <br /> Better off dead. 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K.<br />Year: 2021<br /> Peppaand#39;s Australian Christmas. adapted by Lauren Holowaty. // Shelf: PIC PEP<br />Author: Holowaty, Lauren<br />Year: 2021<br /> Santa loves Australia. story by Collette Dinnigan ; illustrated by Luke Sciberras. // Shelf: PIC DIN<br />Author: Dinnigan, Collette, 1965-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Another book about Santa. Bunting, Laura. // Shelf: PIC BUN<br />Author: Bunting, Laura<br />Year: 2021<br /> Christmas always comes. Jackie French andamp; Bruce Whatley. // Shelf: PIC FRE<br />Author: French, Jackie<br />Year: 2021<br /> An odd dog Christmas. Rob Biddulph. // Shelf: PIC BID<br />Author: Biddulph, Rob<br />Year: 2021<br /> Cat dog. Mem Fox and Mark Teague. // Shelf: PIC FOX<br />Author: Fox, Mem, 1946-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Bluey : Christmas swim. // Shelf: PIC BLU<br />Author: <br />Year: 2021<br /> Sleepytime. Joe Brumm. // Shelf: PIC BLU<br />Author: Brumm, Joe<br />Year: 2021<br /> Grumble boats. 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Caroline Graham andamp; Kylie Stevenson. // Shelf: 363.233 GRA<br />Author: Graham, Caroline<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Madness of crowds. Louise Penny. // Shelf: PBFIC PEN<br />Author: Penny, Louise<br />Year: 2021<br /> Mercy. David Baldacci. // Shelf: PBFIC BAL<br />Author: Baldacci, David<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Judgeand#39;s list. John Grisham. // Shelf: PBFIC GRI<br />Author: Grisham, John<br />Year: 2021<br /> Treasure andamp; dirt. Chris Hammer ; [map by Alexsander J. Potočnik]. // Shelf: PBFIC HAM<br />Author: Hammer, Chris<br />Year: 2021<br /> Love andamp; virtue. Diana Reid. // Shelf: PBFIC REI<br />Author: Reid, Diana<br />Year: 2021<br /> The Colonialand#39;s son. Peter Watt. // Shelf: PBFIC WAT<br />Author: Watt, Peter, 1949-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Daughter of the morning star. Craig Johnson. // Shelf: FIC JOH<br />Author: Johnson, Craig, 1961-<br />Year: 2021<br /> Three sisters. 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